Dressed Up by HAIRSTORY

Dressed Up by HAIRSTORY

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Dressed Up Heat Protection Lotion

Protect your hair from hot tools, UV rays, and frizz.


This lightweight thermal hair protection – that you won’t see or feel – shields from hot styling tools (up to 450º), gives you control, and adds body. Also helps shield from damaging, color-fading UV rays.


Some Like it Hot

No judgement here! Sure, air-srying is the best way to avoid damage, but blow-drying is a clear preference for some people – or a must during the winter months. So when you just can't unplug those hot styling tools...

Don't Get Burned!

...keep Dressed Up on hand to take the heat so your hair won't have to. Some people even use it without heat as an all-around styling cream because of the control it also offers. Dressed Up might end up being the most versatile product you own.