Native Flower Blend 15ml

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Every month, I’ll be tuning into the energy to create a specific remedy to meditate and help support healing for the individual. 

We are all one in this world and so I have discovered in various conversations we all bare similar feelings and emotions as we mirror each other in this lifetime.

For the energy of June, I intuitively selected the following flowers and have written an affirmation for each to work with during your daily meditation.

 Mint Bush- Creating a smooth spiritual initiation, with clarity, calm and the ability to cope.

 I am now bringing light to any darkness in my life for new spiritual emergence

 Boab- Personal freedom by releasing family patterns and negative Karmic connections.

’ I now release and clear any negative conditioning or family traits from my psyche, and now choose to fulfill my own destiny ‘

• Five Corners- Love and acceptance of self and all beauty.

’ I celebrate and accept my uniqueness, strength and beauty with more love ‘

• Boronia- To bring clarity, serenity and creative visualisation.

’ I accept others to be as they are and release any negative thought patterns that confuse my path, so I may move forward with peace ‘


All dosage bottles are 15ml and each daily dose is 7 drops under the tongue with meditation to follow. Keep a journal available to take note of any insights the flowers may bring to facilitate deep healing.