Healing the Crown with Crystal Combs


The Crownworks Crystal Comb was designed by the amazing Andi Scarborough, of Framed Hair Salon in Santa Monica, California. Her work goes beyond hair styling and into the realms of  energy healing, crown chakra cleansing and a bunch of healing modalities for ALL of her incredibly grateful clientele. 

Andi has been an incredible inspiration to me as I too enjoy bringing something a little different to my clients as we work daily around our clients auric field.

The Crystal Comb is to be utilised however you intuitively wish to use it, but it's energy is best felt in a meditative ritual.

Each comb is handcrafted by a European Jeweller, is an heirloom quality work of art & skilled craftsmanship, is charged with Reiki energy.

You can experience these beauties in my salon space, The Botanical Hair Therapist, with my signature Aromatic Head and Neck Massage. Choose from Rose quartz, Amethyst, Black Obsidian and Galaxite crystal combs.