Botanical Healing



To be enjoyed by request with any Hair Therapy service if you wish....

- Oracle or Native Flower Card Reading: $50 (30 mins)

A flower essence can be created for further support for $14.95 for a 15mls dosage bottle 1-2 wks worth or $24.95 for 30mls for 3-4wks.

- Meditation: (complimentary whilst colour processes)

- Aromatic Head + Neck Massage: $60 (45 mins)

A native flower essence and aromatherapy infused relaxation and chakra balancing treatment to open + activate the Crown, Third Eye and Throat energy centres. Indian Head Massage techniques are used with energy healing. An Oracle Card is chosen prior to commencement to help set your intention.

- Soul Chart Discovery: $120 60 mins (Price includes a written copy of notes received sent via email). 

Finding your 'True North' by accessing and understanding the positive and negative aspects of the self, in order to gain clarity and balance in aligning with your soul calling and peaceful presence. 

- Balancing of the Energy Centres: $165 120 mins (Price includes a short summary of your Soul Chart)

A healing frequency is channelled to clear and activate any energy centres holding us back from embracing our authentic and aligned selves. Australian Native Flower essences are administered if intuitively guided to do so, to further shift energy blocks to encourage ease and flow.

Flower remedy dosage bottles are created by request at $14.95 15mls or $24.95 30mls.

- Aromatic Intuitive Healing:  $120 (60 mins)

An introductory and gentle healing modality to relax and nourish the body into deep rest. Pure essential oils are intuitively selected to ground and centre back into a balanced state of consciousness.