How Nature's Symphony Came To Be

An unwavering dedication to the experimental delight and healing power of nature’s treasures.

Developed in 2004 in Melbourne Australia, Nature’s Symphony was first created by Bach Flower Practitioner and Holistic Counsellor, Connie Vella, believing the introduction of a unique, holistically blended hair care product was needed for the growing wellness community.

In conjunction with her niece, Vanessa Boscarello-Ovens, an Integrative Holistic Counsellor and Aromatherapist, (Grad.Dip.App.Psych) and Howard Jarvis a well known Naturopath, Herbalist and Homeopath ( ND Dip.Med.Dip.Hom.CI ) Connie formulated a shampoo and conditioner with all naturally derived ingredients, free from animal testing, parabens and sulphates with pure essential oils and the addition of Bach Flower Remedy, making Nature’s Symphony hair care unique for it’s cleansing and purifying properties to benefit a person’s wellbeing.

After becoming aware of the toxic cocktails being used in the formulation of today’s commercial hair care products and their side effects to me personally (painful chronic mouth ulcers which didn’t seem to clear after many conventional and alternative remedies and a very itchy and rather inflamed scalp). I realised that a shampoo with the inclusion of a Bach flower essence would be of great benefit to the hair and scalp so I formulated my own healthy brew and I’m so glad I did because one month later, after using this formula, my mouth ulcers cleared completely. So did my itchiness and scalp inflammation. Since then, my hair has regained its natural shine and my scalp is now free from its previously unhealthy condition…” Connie Vella

Nature’s Symphony products are a unique, healthy and natural alternative to harsh chemical based hair care products.

Nature’s Symphony products are a unique, healthy and natural alternative to harsh chemical based hair care products. Our hair care range has been uniquely formulated with all-natural ingredients without the harsh chemicals usually found in hair care products for sale on the shelves of our supermarkets.

Tried, tested and enjoyed over the last ten years, Nature’s Symphony hair care products are the ideal all-natural alternative in hair care and trusted by thousands of people around Australia with all hair types.

Fortified with natural ingredients; – Bach Flower Remedy Crab Apple purifies and detoxifies the scalp, – Certified Organic Herbs of Chamomile and Calendula, Pure Essential Oils of French Lavender nourish and restore hair, – Ylang Ylang adds shine and lustre to hair, – Bergamot leaves hair beautifully scented and cleansed.

The daily moisturising shampoo and conditioner are designed to restore optimal health for your hair just as nature intended… naturally, and our pure hair serum smooths and restores dry or damaged hair, perfect for hair types needing a little extra nourishment.

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