It started with my own healing first…

My interest and fascination in the energy of flowers came through with my first pregnancy. Even though having a baby was always something I desperately wanted, I became overwhelmed by the responsibility of becoming a Mother for the first time. Rattled with guilt over my feelings, I seeked the guidance of a healer to help bring calm into my life.


Through various physical tools such as kinesiology, Bowen therapy and Reiki, my healer introduced the Australian Bush Flowers as a ‘take home’ remedy or medicine to help any emotional shift I needed to release.


All through my pregnancy, labour and postpartum, I used these remedies to hold me in the unknown of being a first time Mother, and looking back, were instrumental in waking me up into a new way of being.


Fifteen years later, and after many workshops and client testimonies, these gifts of nature are asking of me to share them with my community.


You can discover the healing benefits of the Australian Bush Flowers in my space as an additional offering to any of my Hair Therapy or Botanical Healing services.